Personnel leasing

The service is intended to simplify the administration of labour relationship and to make personnel management more efficient. This is a splendid opportunity to manage recruitment needs in a more flexible manner by hiring employees for either short-term or long-term works without employing new workers directly in your company.

During the recruitment process we select an employee and employ him at UAB “Nermeka”.


We are pleased to provide You with the opportunity to employ competent manpower not only from Lithuania but also from Ukraine or Belarus. Highly qualified and reliable employees who we will charge ourselves to select; or, in case of necessity, You could select the employees Yourself using our existing employee database.


This agreement is made to produce or transfer the particular result of work, or to perform another works the result of which will be transferred to the Client.

During the validity of the agreement employees are employed at UAB “Nermeka”; they arrive at the Client just to perform the job.

Employee search service

This partnership type helps to administrate the labour relationship more flexible and quick, and to make personnel management more efficient. The employee, conforming to the requirements raised by the company, is being selected; our company assumes the responsibility for that employee for the period specified.

Employee search service is divided into 2 types:

  • when one-off fee is paid;
  • when paying on an hour basis.


The service is for those companies which are willing to save time and to focus on a core business of the company. Directing the administration of labour relationship to the human resources professionals, it is ensured that personnel management of the company will be performed in compliance with the most recent requirements of labour law and tax environment; and the Client’s employees will always be provided with the complete professional consultation on the issues of personnel management.

An employee selected during the recruitment process will be employed at UAB “Nermeka”.