No time for HR duties?

We can offer you a variety of services that will help you focus on your business rather than wasting time for employee selection or hiring procedures. We can orginise staff selection procedure, offer temporary workers for the specific project or lease the exact employees you are looking for.


Need additional workforce?

Temporary staffing is a great practice when your business is rapidly growing or when you are in a need for some extra hands for a short period of time. We find people who match your job description exactly and send them your way when you need them.


Personnel leasing

A service created to easily solve all the problems that hiring process causes - from staff selection, to hiring procedures.

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An easy way to get things done - employees come at the time they are needed the most to complete particular tasks.

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Employee selection service

This service is created for employers who know what they need but do not have time to waste for the staff selection process.

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Payroll gives you opportunity to save time and focus on the core values of your business.

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