Our Company

Our Company

HireLabas Group is a temporary employment and recruitment company established back in 2015. We started as a small employment agency that posted Lithuanian workers to Germany. We have always taken our job seriously, thus a rapid grow of loyal customers and excellent staffing results allowed us to expand successfully on national level as well as abroad. Nowadays we have divisions in Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Norway. Moreover, we have expended the range of our services and opened our own recruitment division in Ukraine.

We specialize in the employment of Lithuanian workers and posting them to companies in Western Europe. So far we have placed our employees with large companies as well as small to mid-size businesses in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We have successfully provided clients with highly qualified professionals and technical staff to fill short and long-term contract positions.

Long-term experience in this field has allowed us to perfect our recruitment process, and therefore, provide the best service experience to our clients. In all our search and selection processes we use our internal database, previous screening experience and other search sources: recommendations and direct search.

Our goal is to keep sustainable and long-term relationships with our clients. The recruitment of each employee is a complex process, thus we cooperate responsibly with both the employer and the employee and always strive to represent the interests of both parties.

Every year we help over 150 businesses to find people they are looking for

We employ over 1600 employees yearly

Our team consists of HR specialists that know where to look for suitable candidates and how to find the best one