Recruitment process outsourcing

Remember the days when advertising vacancy in a local newspaper was enough? Or when people used to work at the same workplace until the day of their retirement? Those days are long gone. Increasing competition and open market means that more and more companies are competing for the same people and people tend to migrate from place to place. To find good reliable employees and to retain them is a challenge.

Unfortunately, very few people realize that outsourcing recruitment process solves all these problems and brings benefits to the entire company.

  • Save time. There is no need to waste time screening CVs, contacting possible candidates, doing 2 or 3 rounds of interviews, negotiating salaries and etc.
  • Less risk. In case new employee leaves, he will be replaced without any additional costs.
  • Recruitment knowledge. We have years of recruitment experience, thus, we know how to find candidates as well as what to look for.
  • Flexibility. Whether you are looking for a short-term employee or want to hire directly, we can help.

Cases staff leasing is mostly used

If there is a need for an urgent workforce

If you have a need for immediate workforce, but you do not have time to go through piles of CVs or to hold job interviews, we recommend choosing temporary placements. Staff leasing company will go through a careful selection of staff thus it will allow you to employ only reliable and experienced specialists for your desired position. All you have to do is contact us.

To maintain work efficiency

Temporary staffing is also a great choice if there is a need of temporary assistance regarding workload, short-term jobs, or in order to carry out timely projects, to replace your regular staff, etc. You may also require staff for a specific period and only for certain tasks. 

If you have doubts about the position

If you hire a worker for a temporary lease, this may be a great ‘test’ position that can be replaced by a long-term lease. If you are satisfied with an employee’s performance, you can offer him/her a long term job. If the employee’s performance is rather moderate and you are not happy with it, you may terminate the contract without worrying about firing, severance pay or unemployment benefits. We are going to take care of it all.

If there is a need for specialized skills

We employ an experienced staff – both skilled professionals and workers from different fields. We believe that highly skilled professionals may work as temporary staff too. If you need a help working on an important project, but only for a limited period of time – consider using a temporary workforce. 


Good English

Lithuanian workers, especially younger ones, speak high level of English, therefore, there won't be any language barriers.

High adaptability

Employees from Lithuania have many years of experience with labor migration to the European Union, which accelerates their acclimatization to a new country.

High work motivation

Lithuanian workers come highly motivated so they are eager to be productive and work overtime.