Temporary Staffing

Temporary placements (a.k.a. staff leasing or temporary staffing) is a great solution for personnel management. Proved to be beneficial this service becomes the primary choice for both, large corporations and small businesses.

Cases staff leasing is mostly used

If there is a need for an urgent workforce

If you have a need for immediate workforce, but you do not have time to go through piles of CVs or to hold job interviews, we recommend choosing temporary placements. Staff leasing company will go through a careful selection of staff thus it will allow you to employ only reliable and experienced specialists for your desired position. All you have to do is contact us.

To maintain work efficiency

Temporary staffing is also a great choice if there is a need of temporary assistance regarding workload, short-term jobs, or in order to carry out timely projects, to replace your regular staff, etc. You may also require staff for a specific period and only for certain tasks.

If you have doubts about the position

If you hire a worker for a temporary lease, this may be a great ‘test’ position that can be replaced by a long-term lease. If you are satisfied with an employee’s performance, you can offer him/her a long term job. If the employee’s performance is rather moderate and you are not happy with it, you may terminate the contract without worrying about firing, severance pay or unemployment benefits. We are going to take care of it all.

If there is a need for specialized skills

We employ an experienced staff – both skilled professionals and workers from different fields. We believe that highly skilled professionals may work as temporary staff too. If you need a help working on an important project, but only for a limited period of time – consider using a temporary workforce.



If you would require to get more information, please contact us. We are looking forward to supplying you with highly skilled employees to your desired positions.



Serving numerous industries and needs
  • A flexible temporary employment service that meets various needs
  • One employee supplier – a large selection of professional and technical skills
Up to date staff training and evaluation program
  • Careful selection of staff makes it possible to employ only reliable and experienced specialists
  • Placed staff has all the necessary skills and experience to work successfully
Market research
  • The employees meet the requirements of the traditional and unconventional working environment
Staff at the right time and for a specific period
  • Reduced labor force costs
  • Quick availability
  • Supported company’s work efficiency
Documentation management
  • Time saving – we take care of the salaries, benefits, tax payment and accounting
  • Reduced administrative responsibilities
  • Easier administration of labor relations